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A fresh approach to value investing in
undiscovered, quality businesses.



DMXCP owns a concentrated portfolio of high quality small companies that DMXAM considers are trading significantly below intrinsic value, and have been selected following an intensive, fundamental value based, bottom-up stock selection approach. 


Valuations are assessed based on estimates of future earnings or estimates of realisable assets:

  • Earnings: we are looking for a diversified customer base, strong moat, sensible growth strategy and capable management,
  • Assets: we are looking for assets which are marketable, easy to value and with low realisation costs.


DMXAM will back its best high conviction ideas, and not diversity for the sake of diversification which means we'll hold a concentrated portfolio of 10 to 15 stocks.


The Manager undertakes a combination of strategic activist investments and passive portfolio investments to maximise DMXCP's outperformance.

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