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Stock Picking Competition 


Our FY19 stock picking competition is now closed to new entries


Thanks for all the great, well thought out entries we have received


Stay posted for updates...



The rules:

- One stock pick per person ;

- All entries must be ASX listed and have a market cap below $500m as at the date of entry;

- The only other requirement is that all entries must be sustainably profitable - ie. they must currently be operating cash flow positive & the investment case must be based upon expected profitability in the future;

The competition will be measured based upon total return; ie. capital gains plus dividends (including franking credits). 


Competition timings:

- The competition will run from 1st July, 2018 and will end on 30th June, 2019.


Please note:

- Whilst the competition will run for the coming financial year we want to highlight that we are long term investors and always recommend investing for the long term


DMX Stock Picking Competition Update
DMX Asset Management, November 2018